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The Well Recovery Center is a holistic detox for individuals to heal, grow and build a strong foundation for life.

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Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Detox Center in Huntington Beach, CA

Addiction is a disease that affects every part of you—and those effects, although damaging, can be overcome with the right plan in place. At The Well Recovery Center, we bring a message of hope and healing to men and women. Total recovery is possible, and it encompasses healing of the mind, body and the spirit. Take a giant leap and begin moving toward a new, fuller and happier life.

The Well Recovery Center is a residential, non-medical alcohol and drug treatment facility offering non-medical detox services. We designed The Well Recovery Center as a place where those transitions can happen. Learn more about our holistic healing approach, and get a sense of the new life you can enjoy when you seek the proper addiction detox. Read More

Getting Started

Help for a Loved One

Maybe you have observed the signs and symptoms of addiction in a friend, family member, or loved one. You know your loved one needs help, but are unsure of how to proceed. The Well Recovery Center offers family intervention assistance to help ease you down the path of recovery. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about what you might do for your loved one.

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Help for Myself

If you know that your own life has been restricted by addiction—that it has had an adverse and poisonous effect on your mind, body and spirit—we invite you to reach out to us to inquire about taking the next step toward your recovery. The Well Recovery Center is a place of healing that allows individuals to find freedom from the grip of addiction.

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The body is where healing begins. Call (877) 784-3935 or Contact Us to learn more.

Detox Treatment Services

Recovery begins with detox. There is no way to focus on your mental, physical and spiritual wholeness without first ridding yourself of poisonous and harmful substances. The Well Recovery Center offers detox programs that provide our clients with the opportunity to detox in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, in addition, our clinical staff carefully supervises each individual’s care. Our compassionate caregivers will help you as you navigate your recovery journey. We can walk you through the different options available for comprehensive, holistic recovery and help you see the bright future ahead of you. Read More

Pets Welcomed

We Treat Co-Occurring Disorders

We are interested in the wellness of the whole person, which means we treat not just addiction, but co-occurring conditions. A condition where an individual will experience both addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously. Read More


Alcoholism is much more than drinking a lot. Addiction to alcohol can create growing physical and mental dependence; it can tear you away from the relationships and activities that you were once passionate about, and cause you to become remiss in your daily responsibilities. Read More

Drug Addiction

We also offer addiction recovery services to those battling drug addiction, including addiction to opiates, cocaine, marijuana, benzos, and many other dangerous narcotics. No matter the nature of your drug addiction, hope and healing can be yours when you seek the right treatment. Read More

Mental Health Disorders

Many of our clients struggle not only with addiction, but with mental health and mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and others. The Well Recovery Center provides dual diagnosis care, ensuring full treatment of each individual issue. Read More

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Therapies and Modalities

We are dedicated to providing a peaceful, tranquil, Zen-like environment where our clients can focus fully on their health and their recovery. The Well Recovery Center is a place of healing, and we are proud that it is both nature-centered and pet-friendly. We offer various detox methods and are also happy to work with clients who embrace the 12-Step program or other spiritual frameworks for recovery.

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About Us

Ultimately, The Well Recovery Center aims to be a place where those struggling with addiction can find compassion and clinical care, in equal measure. We believe recovery is possible for anyone. We see our role as facilitators of personal transformations—transitions into addiction-free life.

Learn more about our approach, and the ways in which we can help you or your loved one find freedom from addiction. Contact The Well Recovery Center today.

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