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Our Detox Treatment Services in Orange County, CA

Addiction is a disease that affects every part of you—your mind, body and spirit. However, there is an escape for those who have found themselves in the bondage of addiction. That process begins with detox. This is the first leg of your recovery journey, and it is what we will help you with at The Well Recovery Center.

This is a place of healing—a tranquil, peaceful environment that lends itself to the recovery journey. Our compassionate staff provides men and women with a safe space to detox, and help them choose the next step of their path toward freedom from addiction.

Whether you are struggling with addiction or concerned about a loved one, we invite you to learn more about detox, and the support we can provide here at The Well Recovery Center.

The Wells.Detox TreatmentIntervention Help

The decision to seek detox treatment is one of the most important you will ever make, but also one of the most challenging. Many are resistant to the need for change, or simply daunted by the prospect of this major transition. We offer intervention services to help families sit down with their loved ones and encourage them toward a better, fuller, freer life.

Chronic Pain Detox

We understand that many of our clients struggle with addiction to painkillers—an addiction that may have its roots in a very real pain management problem. As such, we provide supervised, holistic pain management tools as part of the detox process, allowing our guests to develop new, healthy tools for managing chronic pain.

Medically Assisted Detox

The detox process can be rigorous, and at times withdrawal pains can be significant. This is why detoxing at home is not recommended: It is imperative to have supervision to help you manage those symptoms and safely rid your body and mind of harmful substances.

Natural Assisted Detox

At The Well Recovery Center, we also offer detox services that are entirely natural and holistic; we want to partner with you on your journey without creating any new dependence on drugs or medications. Our IV NAD Therapy program aims to help you achieve wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

shutterstock_454809184In addition to detox, we also help our clients consider the next step toward addiction treatment and dual diagnosis care. Take that first step toward your new life today and reach out to our team at The Well Recovery Center. Make sure to inquire about our pet-friendly policies that provide your pets with the care they need while you receive detox treatment.


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These women are amazing. The Well Recovery Center has been a blessing to our family! Call them they will be there for you! - Pam Fix-Marchant