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Addiction Therapy Services

For those who wish to live the best, healthiest, fullest life possible, addiction can be a major challenge. Its effects tarnish mental, physical and emotional health. At The Well Recovery Center, our belief is that nobody has to accept addiction as a fact of life. No matter how gripping your addiction may seem, hope and healing are always possible. We believe the critical first step is to seek medical intervention, specifically addiction therapy from The Well Recovery Center.

The goal of our addiction therapy services is simple: We work with men ad women through this major transition. We provide them with the tools needed to achieve life-long recovery. We welcome their pets and are proud of offering detox in a pet friendly environment. This component of our program gives each individual a home-like experience.

The approach we take is an integrative one. We focus on creating a peaceful place with free-flowing energy, a positive and tranquil environment where our clients can fully focus on wellness of the mind, body and spirit. We have trained and licensed medical staff members here to supervise detox and to provide a structure for ongoing well-being. We integrate use of nutrition- and vitamin-enriched patches, and provide yoga, meditation, and a robust, organic nutritional program.

Brain Restoration and the NAD Patch

shutterstock_274577882Brain restoration is a unique and effective program we offer, this approach aids in rebalancing brain chemistry following a struggle with addiction. We accomplish this through different protocols, including different nutrient-enriched patches that provide the body with a steady stream of niacin and other vitamins and minerals, all essential nutrients for the brain as the body heals itself.

We provide many of our clients with the NAD Patch. The NAD patch is a beneficial way to help heal the brain while the body withdrawals from drugs and alcohol and helps to minimizing side effects. It can also be an effective protocol for treating anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders—even PTSD.

Here is how it works: NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an enzyme found in all living cells however during addiction it is dramatically depleted —and a low NAD count is a key factor in ongoing cravings. NAD infusions from the patch significantly decrease cravings and other withdrawal pains, while promoting an overall sense of health and well-being. This nutrient-infusing patch is safe, effective and scientifically proven, and we are pleased to make it an option for our clients.

SMART Recovery Program

Our focus at The Well Recovery Center is on treating people as individuals—not just their diseases or the struggles they are facing. As such, we take an individualized approach to therapy, and understand that what works for one person may not work for the next. One therapy that we offer to many of our clients is SMART Recovery, which is based on the idea of self-empowerment. Guided by the latest scientific research into how addiction recovery works, SMART Recovery emphasizes the power of choice and the personal sovereignty of those in recovery. Its power lies in showing clients that freedom from addiction is theirs for the choosing, then providing them with the tools to make that choice.

12 Steps Program

Other clients may benefit more from the tried-and-true 12 Step model, which provides a powerful sense of structure for those in addiction recovery and invites them to surrender their ongoing struggle to a higher power. Our team of addiction recovery specialists can guide clients through each of the 12 steps and help them stay motivated and encouraged through one-on-one therapies as well as group and family sessions.

There is more than one path to recovery. We believe that there is one for you or for your loved one. Choose freedom from addiction, and begin the next chapter in your life today. Renew, Restore and Reawaken. Contact The Well Recovery Center to learn more.


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These women are amazing. The Well Recovery Center has been a blessing to our family! Call them they will be there for you! - Pam Fix-Marchant