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Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Detox Center

Detox is that first jumping off point in a life free of alcoholism and alcohol abuse. At The Well Recovery Center, we provide men and women with the foundational tools and resources needed for recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our detox programs guide individuals in remembering the well within and move toward a life of healing, wholeness and hope.

Whether you are struggling with alcohol addiction yourself or have a loved one ravaged by alcoholism, we invite you to start the recovery journey today, at our place of healing.

What is Alcoholism?

shutterstock_232259095Alcoholism is not the same thing as simply drinking a lot. There are many who drink but are not alcoholics. Alcoholism is marked by a loss of control, and the development of physical and mental dependence. An individual with alcoholism may not be able to keep from drinking, even when he or she knows that it will have corrosive effects. For these individuals, complete healing of the mind, body and spirit is needed.

The roots of alcoholism can be complex, and in some cases may involve biological and/or genetic factors. Co-occurring conditions, such as mental health disorders or other forms of addiction, may also be present.

Alcoholism Symptoms

Though dependence is the primary hallmark of alcoholism, there are some additional signs of alcohol addiction that can help diagnose the problem. Here are some red flags to look for, whether in your own life or in a loved one.

  • Being unable to quit drinking or control intake
  • Needing to drink increasingly high amounts to get the same effect
  • Experiencing withdrawal pains when drinking ceases—shakiness, nausea, etc.
  • Spending a great deal of time drinking or recovering
  • Lying or making excuses to hide drinking from loved ones
  • Giving up other activities to focus on drinking
  • Continuing to drink even when it does clear damage to health, finances or relationships

Alcoholism Treatment Program

shutterstock_326495171The Well Recovery Center is a place of refuge and healing for those whose bodies and spirits have been greatly affected by alcoholism. We offer a place of compassionate care, free-flowing positive energy and ample time to spend in tranquil meditation and focused recovery. We provide the resources needed to safely manage withdrawal symptoms and ultimately guide our clients down their own unique recovery path—whatever that may look like.

We work with men, women and couples in transforming their lives, uninhibited by addiction and other diseases of the mind, body and spirit. If you struggle with alcoholism, or have a loved one who does, we encourage you to contact The Well Recovery Center today, and take your first step into a new life.