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Drug Addiction Detox Center

The body is where healing begins, and at The Well Recovery Center, we want to ensure that you get that journey started on the right foot. Through our holistic treatment services, we can help you safely detox in a supervised environment, and work with you to consider the next steps on your recovery journey. Ultimately, we provide healing of mind, body and spirit in equal measure, for men and women no matter the extent of their drug addiction.

Drug Addiction Symptoms

Addiction impacts the whole of the body, and it affects people in different ways. Some of the most common signs of substance abuse include the following:

  • Physical dependence/ the need to use drugs every day, or in increasing doses, to achieve the same effect
  • Spending money on drugs even when you cannot afford it
  • Lying, stealing, or making excuses in order to hide your drug use
  • Having trouble keeping up with your responsibilities at work, school or with family life
  • Lost interest in activities that used to bring you pleasure
  • Withdrawal from relationships/social isolation

Opiate Drug Addiction

An opiate is any drug that is made from opium, which is derived from poppies. Opiates encompass both prescription drugs—including many commonly used painkillers—as well as illegal street drugs, such as heroin. Opiates create physical dependence and also high levels of tolerance, meaning higher doses are needed to achieve the same feeling.

 Vicodin Addiction

Consider this a subset of the previous category. Though opiate painkillers come in many different forms, Vicodin is one of the most common. In fact, it is one of the most frequently prescribed medications in the United States. It is made with hydrocodone, which is highly addictive.

Methadone Addiction

Methadone is another opiate, and it is used in the treatment of opiate addiction, helping break dependence from more potent painkillers or even from heroin. The problem with methadone is that it can be powerfully addictive in its own right, and often one opioid addiction is essentially swapped for another.

Benzos Addiction

shutterstock_150090452Benzodiazepine is another commonly prescribed drug, this one a tranquilizer. Within the Benzos family there are several familiar brand names, including Xanax and Valium. These substances can have a calming, tranquil effect, and when taken as prescribed they can be medically helpful. When taken without a prescription, though, abuse and addiction ensue. These drugs are so easily available that they rank among the most frequently abused drugs in the country.

Xanax Addiction

Addiction to benzos can take many forms, and one of the most common ones is addiction to Xanax, which is commonly prescribed to help those who struggle with anxiety or even sleeplessness. Xanax works on the nervous system, and when taken properly can soothe away anxieties, but abuse brings its own set of problems.

Suboxone Addiction

Suboxone is another drug that is often administered with good intentions. In fact, it can be helpful to ease the symptoms of drug withdrawal, and as such it is commonly implemented in addiction recovery programs. When Suboxone use is stopped, though, the drug can cause its own withdrawal symptoms

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant. It can initially lead to feelings of euphoria, but over time it is accompanied by an increased risk of psychiatric disorders, disease and even death. This recreational drug is imbibed in many ways, and all of them lead to trouble.

Heroin Addiction

Far more powerful than painkillers, heroin is one of the most dangerous and addicting substances in the world. A potent opiate, this is where individuals often turn when painkillers cease to provide them with the high they are looking for.

Meth Addiction

Meth has been called the most dangerous substance on Earth, and not without reason. Because it is inexpensive to make it is also easy to obtain, and it has become a scourge across communities nationwide. The good news is that, with the proper treatment, recovery from meth addiction is possible.

Marijuana Addiction

As marijuana is legalized across the country, it remains something of a hot button: Though its medicinal properties are not disputed, the fact remains that it can prove highly addictive, and for many it becomes truly enslaving. Freedom is possible through compassionate care and clinical intervention.

Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin has long been seen as a legitimate treatment for moderate to severe pain. With that said, it is hardly without its risks and its downsides. This morphine-like narcotic has a high concentration of oxycodone, which is what makes it popular on the street.

Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction to drugs may seem hopeless or insurmountable, but at The Well Recovery Center we bring a message of hope. Nobody is beyond the scope of recovery. Through our holistic approach, you can enjoy the start of a whole new chapter in your life, one free from drugs. We offer compassionate, clinically sound care, and provide a safe, healing environment for you to focus on wellness, and guide you through activities that promote safe detox and healing.

Drug Rehabilitation and Recovery

shutterstock_343847333Recovery from drug addiction is possible, and it is not something you have to do alone. Come join us at The Well Recovery Center, a peaceful place where you can center on your recovery process and lean on our empathetic team. We will work with you through detox and help you remember the well within. If you desire, you can even bring your furry friends as our facility is pet-friendly! Start your next chapter today. Reach out to us at The Well Recovery Center to learn more.